Welcome to the World of Kings EU Character Database!

This database contains all the data we fetched for our census in a searchable form. This means:

You can search the database using the form in the upper right corner or browse it by using the Server dropdown. If you click the number listed under Account, you can find out what other characters are located on the same account.

Data is currently updated on a daily basis.

Unless the developers open an actual public API it's highly unlikely we can get more data like equipment, soul level or guild affiliation. There's no way to currently obtain this kind of information, so take it or leave it.

Database statistics

Last update: 2019-10-29 (numbers in brackets are compared to the previous scan)
Accounts on EU servers: 889,629 (+155,995)
Characters on EU servers: 1,274,853 (+226,593)
Characters at max. level: 87,091 (6.83%) (+57,897)
Characters at rating > 5000:* 67,868 (5.32%) (+42,420)
Characters at rating > 8000:* 21,860 (1.71%) (+11,899)
Characters at rating > 9000:* 14,305 (1.12%) (+7,948)
Highest Power Level: Windfall - 22,602 (EU S1-Uru Mooreda)

Detailed statistics

* Negative growth does not mean there are less players at this rating. It only means these players were switched to a lower rated off-spec at the time of the scan. This is nothing we can prevent since we only get one value per character.